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Personalized Occupational Therapy Programs in tallahassee, Fl

At Premier Therapy Service in Tallahassee, FL, we specialize in evaluating and treating those affected by physical, cognitive, and sensory challenges with the techniques of occupational therapy. From young children and adults to elderly patients, our occupational therapists adapt treatment plans and therapy around each patient’s unique role in life, maximizing your or your child’s results and overall happiness.

Adaptive/Self-Help Skills

If your child is not progressing according to their adaptive development, our experienced team can assist through effective occupational therapy techniques, such as treatment through age-appropriate experiences. While in our care, they will learn how to successfully complete the four main types of self-help skills, self-feeding, dressing and grooming, hygiene and toileting, and daily chores.

Fine Motor Skills

Our occupational therapy services help develop and improve the fine motor skills of our patients, including their ability to grasp objects, write, cut with scissors, tie shoes, and fasten buttons. Our one-on-one therapy sessions will improve the function of their fine motor skills in activities at home and school.

Visual Perceptual Skills

Differing from the quality of your vision, visual perceptual skills help individuals make sense of what they are seeing. This is vital for reading, writing, dressing, and many other everyday activities. Our knowledgeable occupational therapists work to improve your child’s sensory processing, visual memory, and visual spatial relationships to ensure their academic and play performance is not hindered.

Sensory Processing Disorder/Deficits

If you or your child has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder or deficit, our sensory occupational therapy services will strengthen you or your child’s ability to cope with various stimuli at one time. Early detection and intervention implementation is vital in producing the best outcomes and progress.

Feeding Therapy

Your child’s nutrition is key to their developmental success, but it’s common that some children have difficulty learning feeding techniques. Our feeding therapy sessions allow our occupational therapist to work with you and your family, performing various feeding skills and techniques. Whether your child is having difficulty swallowing or needs assistance improving their oral motor skills, our team will create a customized therapy plan centered around your needs.

Cognitive Skills

Occupational therapy is an effective treatment plan for those facing deficits in their cognitive skills. These include disorientation, memory and attention problems, and difficulty in problem solving. Our occupational therapists create a treatment framework to suit your or your child’s specific learning style and abilities. 

Specialize in Child Occupational Therapy

Whether you your child needs assistance with fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills, or sensory-processing deficits, our occupational therapists are here for you and your family. Call our office to schedule your appointment today!