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Personalized Therapy services in tallahassee, Fl

At Premier Therapy Services, our certified occupational and physical therapists are dedicated to your health and happiness. Serving all of Tallahassee, FL, and the surrounding areas, our office specializes in the treatment of children and adults facing sensory and physical difficulties.

During an initial evaluation with one of our certified physical or occupational therapists, we will work together determining your goals. From there, our staff creates an intervention or treatment plan that will improve your ability to perform daily activities. Throughout the entire therapy process, we evaluate your progress, making certain you are meeting your goals and changing your treatment plan if necessary. 

Goal Evaluation

Personalized OT Sessions

Adaptive Equipment

Educational Resources

Adaptive Equipment Available

In addition to our in-office physical and occupational therapy programs, our therapists also ensure that your surroundings at home are optimal for your development and success. If we find that your home or workplace is not ideal for your needs, our occupational therapists will recommend adaptive equipment and educational resources for your family to ensure you are receiving the assistance you need outside of our office.


For your convenience, we offer our services in our outpatient clinic, at schools, or in natural environments. Let our team of physical and occupational therapist create a personalized treatment plan for you and start living the life you deserve. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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